Commitment to Conservation

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Keeping Up With The Farm

In pursuit of providing our residents with an idyllic environment to reconnect with nature, we strive to protect, conserve, and cultivate the local flora and fauna residing within Anderson Farms’ 500 acres of protected longleaf pine forests, low country wetlands, and flowering meadows, plus the 3,000+ acres of Woodside’s diverse  

Settled on the foothills of Anderson Pond Road, wander down to our community and your horizons will be filled with pastoral scenery, rustic ranch-style estates, and friendly faces waiting to welcome you to the neighborhood. As a resident, whether you diligently recycle, compost your organic waste, or reduce your consumption, giving back to Mother Nature is a value we hold dear at Anderson Farms. 

With humble beginnings extending from our sister communities of Woodside, The Village at Woodside, Bridgewater, and the greater Aiken area, the holistic influence of eco-conscious individuals like our residents has made waves. Large and small, every deliberate action in caring for our environment is a step forward in progress, and the following local organizations have taken the initiative to speed things up!

Backyard Birding 

Established in Aiken on October 19, 2010, thanks to the efforts of organization president Mike DeBruhl, the South Carolina Bluebird Society (SCBS) is dedicated to the conservation of bluebirds and other cavity-nesting birds. The SCBS was the first South Carolina affiliate of the North American Bluebird Society. Volunteers regularly check these boxes, ensuring that the birds have safe nesting sites free from predators and other threats. Their efforts have led to a noticeable increase in bluebird sightings, bringing vibrant flashes of blue to our landscapes. 

Join the effort to protect bluebirds! Visit the South Carolina Bluebird Society to learn more about their work and how you can make a difference.

All the Buzz 

Dedicated to promoting the importance of pollinators in our ecosystem, the Aiken Beekeepers Association is a local non-profit organization focusing on the protection of honeybees through community outreach, educational programs, and hive installations. Thanks to their efforts, we enjoy the sweet rewards of local honey and the broader benefits of a healthy pollinator population. 

Support our pollinators! Check out the Aiken Beekeepers Association to get involved or find out how you can get certified in beekeeping with a class.

Taking Flight 

Formed in affiliation with the North American Butterfly Association (NABA), The Butterfly Monarchy Club is dedicated to the protection of butterfly habitats, the promotion of butterfly-friendly gardening, and focusing on the educational conservation of monarch butterflies. Formed in Woodside alongside the creation of the community’s dedicated Certified Butterfly Park, The Butterfly Monarchy now works tirelessly to create and maintain garden and green spaces that provide food, shelter, and migratory bridges for various butterfly species by planting native flora and educating residents on the importance of protecting and maintaining pollinator habitats.

Join the Effort 

The decline of essential pollinators and other native species is truly a pressing concern, but groups like SCBS, ABA, and BMC offer renewed hope for the health of our community’s broader ecological balance! If you’re eager to learn more about these fascinating creatures, passionate about conservation, or simply want to get involved in the cause Anderson Farms warmly encourages our residents to get involved with these wonderful organizations.  

Whether through volunteering, donating, or simply making eco-friendly choices in your own backyard, every small effort counts towards creating a better world! 

Request more information about how you can contribute to these conservation efforts by filling out the form below, and don’t forget to check out our Event Calendar for upcoming events including featured lectures, guest presentations, and more.

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